Name: Erin 'Awful' Williams


Location: Bristol

Hobbies: Drawing, Sculpting Learning new skills/crafts, Binge watching T.V shows, and attending live shows.

Likes: Hair dye, Tattoos, Vintage clothing, Universal Monsters and Horror movies, Practical effects, Medicine and anatomy, Sushi and of course ......Pickles

Dislikes: Custard, Whales and the open sea.

Favorite Films: The Thing, Return of the Living dead, Terminator 2,Mad Max: Fury Road, Jurrasic Park, True Romance, 

Favourite creatives: Ray Harryhausen, Jamie Hewlett, Leonardo Da vinci, Stan winston, Rob Bottin, 

Hi my name is Erin A williams,


The biggest influence in my creative life is Film, and the Magic of Practical effects.

If I had to chose between working in 2d or3d, I couldn't! Thankfully I don't have to. But 16 year old me did. Entering my second year A.V.C.E course at Glamorgan centre for art design and technology I had to choose between Fashion (my original reason for going to art school), Graphic design (Which would have most likely lead me into illustration) or 3d arts? I took the latter.

From G.C.A.D.T I moved from the valleys to London, and attended Wimbledon School Of Art to study a Degree in Technical arts and Special fx. There I learnt I could combine design, sculpting and sewing, into making prop costumes, and also learning many valuable skills and processes that I still use today

Since Graduating Ive gained 10 years of experience in Mascot/Costume making with Rainbow Productions ltd, and added a few theatre, film and tv jobs in for good measure along the way, with The likes of The Lion King, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Dr Who.

On leaving London after nearly 14 years, im now ready to embark on my new adventures in Bristol with creating Pickle Props.

About Me

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On leaving London after nearly 14 years,  i am now ready to embark on my new adventures in Bristol with Pickle Props.​